Today we tell you about free basic accounts. First of all, I'll tell you what the original is. If you have a player, you need to know about the original game. Origin is a platform for online games, digital distribution and digital rights management. Genesis was developed by Electronic Arts, a California, USA-based American video game company. Genesis is a popular site where users buy games for their smartphones and PCs. The user must download the game with the original client, also called "EA Download Manager".

What is Genesis?
enesis "was first released on June 3, 2011, and will be released soon. User loves the original platform. Originally includes more social features like profile management, which allows you to create a profile like ZBigZ https://freeaccountsonline.com/zbigz-premium-accounts/ on the original. Friends Networking lets you family members , Chat with friends and other online users. Your game can stream on Earth, Facebook, Xbox

Free default account
Star Wars Batlfrnt, Taitnfol and many users require these games: Most wanted, speed 2015 requires some speed, the Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Mirror's Edge Ajlist speed for speed, that many basic game has some basic them developed battlefield series. Played with and played with a sincere heart. With the Sim-4, players get the discovery and copy of many sites on the Internet for outstanding Genesis. On these websites, many fake accounts or sometimes the website is fake. Do you know these accountsaccounts

Free user name and password for Genesis account
Username Password
ur.xednay|ur.turc-i#ur.xednay|ur.turc-i Wreftg23 ##
moc.liamtoh|rhejidh#moc.liamtoh|rhejidh 1456314563
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moc.liamg|0991gnoohc#moc.liamg|0991gnoohc solid001
moc.liamg|iduhdam#moc.liamg|iduhdam jitrRybdh # @@
moc.liamtoh|2120eidan#moc.liamtoh|2120eidan Dreixbest

Note: - We are asking you to change another name and password asking you to reset the user and administrator password, and we have lost control. You can share these accounts with your friends and family.

How to login to a Genesis account

Visit the official website https://www.origin.com/ or click on the link
Wait for the website to load,
Now there is a login button to the left
Click the Sign In button
Now the login page is open, where you can ask for e-mail and password
Enter your e-mail address and password
And press the Sign button below
You have successfully logged into Genesis, and now you can enjoy the service. If you do not want to repeat yourself, remember me during the registration

More about Genesis account
Origin Store - Users can search for a game at the original store and if so, users can play the game from the original store. You do not need CD keys, boxes or disks. This is an amazing thing if you automatically subscribe to your username. All the games available in the original shop are original, there are no limitations to download the game.

Genesis Client: - Native Client is a software that can download download games, extension packs, electronic games content booster packs. Group chat options are also available for users. The original customer's performance has improved in the last time.

Origination Mobile: - The company plans to introduce free services for electronic art users. This service is a basic mobile phone. The original for iOS mobile devices is also available. You can sync achievements between platforms.

Origin Access: - Original usage is a subscription service from EA to play games on PC. This service was introduced in 2016. Membership can be purchased for one month or one year. There is a 10% discount for the original purchase.